What is Cara & Co?

26 March, 2012 - 17:11

Our first event for 2012 is all about lifestyle, so we thought the experience of the Cara & Co venue would be most appropriate!

You might not have heard of Cara & Co, located in Westfield, Sydney. Feel free to check out what other people have said about it here and here. Especially those specialty canapes.

Why not join us for an amazing experience, as well as a talk on whether life must be interesting to be worthwhile.

Registrations are also now open (see right hand side).

Why the early bird ticket prices?

Having early bird ticket prices is new for Citywoman events. The early bird ticket price for our first 2012 event is made possible by someone who has very kindly offered to subsidise the tickets. Please feel free to get in early and make use of their kind offer.