Our Next Event on Work/Life Balance is in a lunch hour

27 September, 2012 - 09:00

Our last citywoman event for 2012 is during a lunch hour on Friday 2nd November, 1.10-1.50pm at Angel Place (123 Pitt St).

Feeling the pressure to excel at everything...have we fallen prey to the "superwoman" myth?

"In my day, if you had a job, you were a superwoman. Now you have to have a job, your kids need to be dressed nicely, you need to have a perfect body...." [The Superwoman Myth, SMH, Oct 31st 2011]

The "superwoman myth" is alive and well, and becoming more nuanced. Now it is not just about "doing it all", it is about how well everything is being done. What is driving this myth and can we avoid feeling its pressure?

Speaker Karen Andersen is the first to say she's no superwoman! She knows what it is like to feel "motherguilt" as she juggles a demanding role as Legal Counsel for Telstra with, along with her husband, caring for their young daughter. Karen will share how the Bible's wisdom helps free her from the superwoman myth.