Past Events

Here is some brief info on events that we've held in the past.


Managing energy levels: Is good time management alone the answer to achieving life balance and well being?
Confidence: What happens when “believing in yourself” isn’t enough?
Resilience Conference: Thriving in a demanding workplace - how can we meet the challenges we face with clarity, conviction and courage?
You only live once: We all want to make life count and live the best life we can. Is it worth following Jesus?


The Sweet Life: Cooking event with Masterchef 2011 winner Kate Bracks
Giving Back: "How can we make a difference?"
Why I believe: "Faith has been commonly understood as a "leap in the dark". So how can intelligent, successful professional women believe in the God of the Bible?"
Infuence: "Positive Power and Influence at Work"
One Shot at Life: "Life is too short to waste. How can we have a life that counts? What does the Christian faith offer and what difference can it make to life now and in the future?"


Lifestyle: “A life worth living...does having an interest life make life more worthwhile?”
Ambition: "Ambition in life....are our ladders leaning against the right walls?"
Workplace Politics: "Play the game or abstain?...Navigating the world of workplace politics"
Work/Life balance: "Feeling the pressure to excel at everything...have we fallen prey to the superwoman myth?"


Approval: “It doesn’t matter what other people think”...really?
Forgiveness: “Just forgive and forget”....really?
Careerwise Conference: Confidence: the real glass ceiling?
Time Management: “If only there were more hours in the day”...really?


Career success: 'Secrets for success?"
Cooking demonstration: "Dinner party success for the time pressed"
Leadership: "Good leadership speaks for itself"
Suffering: "When the sweet taste of life turns sour"